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Fare issue 9 kampala

Fare issue 9 kampala


Fare is a food-focused travel magazine, exploring the depth of culture in a single city.

Each issue is guided by locals of the city. We try to use as many local writers, photographers, and illustrators as possible, so that in addition to expert insight, you also get a sense of the creative aesthetic.

Kampala is Uganda's lively capital, a city shaped by the traditions of the ancient Buganda kingdom, British imperialism, and the many new migrant groups that now call it home.

In Fare: Kampala:

  • Nsenene, the flying delicacy of Uganda's rainy season
  • Buganda history with Joan Nassolo, Princess of one of Uganda’s oldest traditional kingdoms
  • The Rolex, the Indian-inspired king of Ugandan street snacks
  • A conversation with Kampire, a Kampala-based DJ creating safe spaces for the LGBTQ community
  • The story behind kafunda, Kampala’s small grocery stores-turned-bars

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