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Terrible Magazine Issue #03

Terrible Magazine Issue #3


TERRIBLE Magazine is a biannual printmagazine founded by Nina Kammerer and Vrinda Jelinek 2019 in Vienna. We noticed a lack of representation for small and conscious brands in magazines. Therefore we dedicated ourselves to slow and responsible brands that create beautiful pieces and care about the environment, aswell as the people behind the items. We combine fashion with art and atmospheric photography to create an overall aesthetic and inspiring product. We want to bring conscious fashion closer to the reader and support those to create a clean, yet outstanding closet for themselves over time.


This issue contains:

8 editorials, 15 art/ photography portfolios or series, 10 interviews, 3 articles and 1 poem on 304 pages, 23,5 x 28cm


Editorial photographers:

Ho Hai Tran, Matt Leeves, Nina Kammerer, Peter Garmusch, Renate Adriana, Stephie Ronget Devred, Vrinda Jelinek, Yura Taralov



Alex Fury, Ana Benaroya, Caio Rosa, Camilla Engstroem, Camille Romagnani, Cassi Namoda & Kilo Kish, Charlie McCosker, Gloria Dimmel, Hepzibah Lyon, Tashi Fay, Tega Akinola


Art/ Photography:

Aire, Alexandra Smith, Amanda Ba, Amanda Smith, Deborah Roberts, Eva Beresin, Honey Long and Prue Stent, Maria Fragoso, Marlene Steyn, Marvel Harris, Mathias Rota, Nora Hollstein, Sebastian Perinotti, Sofi Perazzo, The Vulva Gallery (Hilde Atalanta)



Alexia Marmara, Chiara Gandini, Holly Pollard, Leonie Novotny, Lilla Kocsis, Nina Kammerer, Valerie Specht

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