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Suitecase Issue 35

Suitcase Issue 35


Suitcase exists to change the way you travel. Saying goodbye to the impossibly luxurious and the underwhelming tourist clichés, and embracing the eclectic and adventurous appetite of a generation of creatives and entrepreneurs.



As the old year gives way to the new, Vol. 35: Celebration finds plenty to toast in 2022: winter sunshine and snow; places to party and landscapes to get lost in. Fresh horizons beckon in the likes of Brisbane, a city that has redefined itself through thriving creative neighbourhoods and an inherently optimistic nature, while long-loved Ibiza shows us its off-season face – scrubbed of make-up and beguiling us with its glowing good looks.

If we’ve learned anything from the past couple of years, it’s to see what we thought we knew so well through updated optics. A global celebration of both people and place, our latest issue ranges from the nomadic Kyrgyz communities living in harmony with nature to the resurgent restaurant industry. Join us as we discover the new sound of jazz emanating from the streets of south-east London, colourful festivals in Colombia and France, and the community kitchen creating new connections in a remote Sicilian town through that most joyous of essentials: food.

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