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Pit is a magazine about food and fire. We take an in-depth, fresh and fun look at the world of live fire cooking, covering the most interesting and unusual stories from around the world through people, traditions, techniques and ingredients.


Because we’re an independent publication, we get to do whatever we like. That means we’ve cooked a giant goat shawarma for 30 people in a south London snowstorm, spent the day foraging for crabs and shellfish before cooking them on the beach in South Wales and travelled across the world through Sicily, Morocco and Texas in search of dinner.


We are constantly on the hunt for untold stories – the ones where we dive into the world of Turkish barbecue at chef Hasan Semay’s family home or learn about the importance of frozen hash browns to kushiyaki from Japanese food expert Tim Anderson.


Pit delivers serious content in a fun and accessible way. From geeky science features (why does smoke make food taste so good? How does salt affect ingredients?), to exciting recipes and columns focusing on vegetables, we are always looking to dodge the obvious angle.

James Beard Award winner Adrian Miller takes a look at African American women in barbecue; we travel to Portugal to unravel the history of proper piri piri chicken, and Nicola Miller muses on drinks of the American South.

We share our favourite spicy recipes in a chilli ingredient focus, and our new columnist Hasan ‘Big Has’ Semay cooks Sri Lankan food inspired by his holiday.

Oh, and it’s an extra special new issue this time because…  we’ve had a redesign! She’s got a fresh new look and we can’t wait for you to see it.

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